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13 Participants Graduate from NSA-IL Speakers Academy: @Google+

NSA-IL Speakers Academy - Chicago Illinois - Wylie Blanchard - IL
This content originally appeared on Google+ PRESS RELEASE – National Speakers Association – Illinois Chapter Thirteen professional speakers recently completed Speakers Academy at National-Louis University in Chicago. This six-session program, held from September through November, focuses on … Speakers completing the course included… Wylie Blanchard of Lisle… ...

What does Tech Lead mean to you?: @Google+

I have my own theory of what it means to be a Tech Lead... It's a unique set of technical and interpersonal skills finely blended into one person. Someone who's knowledgeable and passionate about programming, engineering or their particular field while also needing to work with people. Not around people but with people. A true Tech Leader can bring people together to create great technical s...

Is there an IT leadership crisis?: @Google+

This article poses the question. After reading it I realized that it's difficult to tell an IT leader, particularly a high-level senior leader, that he or she doesn't know what they're doing in any capacity. This is because it's a lose-lose situation. If you're wrong, then you lose because... you're wrong and if you're right then you still lose because you've most likely bruised his/her ego. Bruis...

Join Great Tech Leaders Google+ Community: @Google+

I believe that leading IT and Technical professionals is a unique sub section of leadership that can't be lumped into a One-Size-Fits-All approach. I created Great Tech Leaders, G+ community, as an place where we can share ideas on leading, managing and advising successful tech careers. It's also a great platform to discuss how technology impacts business and how tech leaders impact the world. ...

Should a Tech Pro pursue a MBA even if one wants to remain highly technical?: @Google+

ITIL and LEAN Six Sigma are highly respected programs that builds one's brand as a Leader. www.google.com   From Google+: I was actually planning to complete a few certifications before pursuing a Master of Science in Management Information Systems. Certifications like the MCSP and maybe something else supporting my core but I think you've added more items that I can strongly con...

National Speakers Association: @NSA-IL

NSA-IL Speakers Academy is a premiere program developed by the National Speakers Association of Illinois (www.nsa-il.org), offering training and development to people committed to becoming professional speakers.  The curriculum is based on the four competencies developed by the National Speakers Association:  Expertise, Eloquence, Enterprise & Ethics.