Dear Recruiter, please stop sending me #SPAM … STOP IT!!!: @Google+

+Amy Edwards  wrote a great article that stirred a lot of emotion in me. Too often have I received messages from recruiters on #LinkedIn , and other places, that feel generic, unrelated to anything that I do for a living and providing absolutely no info about the So-Called Opportunity that they’re offering.

Let’s be clear about what happens when you – #recruiter – send this out to people. If, and/or when, you have a real opportunity for someone that you’ve previously SPAMMED, they will not want to discuss it with you.

Why? Because it’s an unethical #business move to send a message directly to someone you do not know and not make it personal. It’s better to take the time to research the person and send a message that one can relate to. It’s more engaging that way, you’ll get more call backs that way and your value as a recruiter will maintain our respect.

So remember, stop #recruiting with SPAM.

Disclaimer: wait… That’s unless I’m really in the market for a job. But I’m not right now, so STOP IT.

Bubble Jobs originally shared to Strategic Social Networking (Linked in):
Use LinkedIn to recruit candidates? Guess what? There’s a chance you’re doing it wrong! Here are the top 5 ways recruiters annoy candidates on LinkedIn!