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Dan Rey, Solution Architect of Microsoft, sat down with us to share what he has learned over his career as a technology professional.

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Excerpt from the Interview:

Wylie Blanchard: What have you seen in your twenty plus years or what interesting has changed in the 20 plus years that you’ve been an I T professional?

Dan Rey: One thing that I’ve noticed in the 20 plus years is that a lot of the technology is shifting almost like a pendulum. So when I started in computers Windows 95 was just coming out. We were using the operating systems and the capabilities before Windows 95 and many things kind of shifted to a server or a client server focus from a development perspective and a use case perspective in large corporations and then things shifted back to kind of powering you on the device that you’re using whether it’s your phone whether it’s your laptop or your desktop and then the internet started up and things shifted back to server based computing whether those servers were on premise or in the cloud didn’t really matter. It was still kinda that pendulum swinging back to something that’s not on your device locally. Seeing some of these shifts that kind of seem to just going back and forth with either empowering on the devices that you’re using locally or empowering on something that you use remotely.

Wylie Blanchard: Are there any books, literature or educational material that you highly recommend?

Dan Rey: That’s a great question. Being in this for more than 20 years some of my early memories were picking up books when the next version of Windows comes out. You look for the technical books that explain, kind of, behind the use case or explain just how to use the operating  system. You can go through and read about the tip and tricks and the things that you wouldn’t just learn by using the operating system. You really need somebody kind of guiding you to those areas because they’re not easy to discover on your own – or they might be too technical. Once discovered you need guidance on what to do once you get there. Today, a lot of that has moved back to automation and command line capabilities. So books on PowerShell would be a recommendation for somebody getting into I T….

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