My Quote in NSA-IL Speaker Academy Flyer – Spring 2017

Looks like I received a mention in the Spring 2017 NSA Illinois Speakers Academy.

Back in 2013, I participated in a professional speaker training/workshop offered by the National Speakers Association – Illinois Chapter. I enjoyed the training so much that I returned in 2014, as an alumni, to ensure that the lessons taught by their amazing trainers were scribed into by mind.

After one of the workshops I shared my thoughts/feedback regarding the value of the program and it looks like my feedback was mentioned in the recent flyer for the upcoming training/workshop.

Here’s what I stated:

What I really liked about the course was that it forced me to really fine tune a niche that I was credible, confident and passionate about. It was a challenging exercise (course work), that took me a while to complete but it was so very worth it. If you’re interested in learning about the business of professional speaking and live in the Chicago area, then I highly advise that you look into NSA Illinois Speakers Academy.

Wylie Blanchard, Lead IT Consultant – Great Tech Pros