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In this episode of Great Tech Pros Wylie Blanchard interviews Ed Fisher, System Engineer and CEO of Ed Fishers and Associates. Ed shares what he has learned over his 30+ year career as a technology professional.

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Excerpt from the Interview:

Wylie Blanchard: What key certifications and/or degrees are prominent for networking and system engineering – I T careers?

Ed Fisher: If it were my choice everyone would get their Bachelor Degree. Nothing substitutes a good, solid and core education like a bachelor degree. Then you move into the areas of specialization which are dictated by you as an individual. When I first started with computers we had to take a test to determine whether our future was with hardware or software. That’s when I learned that a software person worked puzzles and sat down. They worked things out with their mind but mainly they sat down, which is what turned me off from being a software engineer. I didn’t want to sit down so I chose to be a hardware engineer (system engineer). Now/today, the two (software and hardware) are merged together during your training. It’s hard for me to say what someone should do. That’s an individual decision for them because there are core questions that must be answered. For instance, what are some of the things that you like to do that are aligned with the career path that your planning to go into? If you like to sit down and if you like to work puzzles then I could recommend software engineering, like a java developer. If you’re the kind of person who likes to be outside and get his/her hands dirty then I would recommend that you go into a field engineering (hardware engineering) – a technical area that is expands exponentially in terms of what you can do. Overall, it’s based on an individual preference of what you want to do for the rest of your life…

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