Discussion with Eric Schmuttenmaer: Executive Presence for Technical Professionals

I met with Eric Schmuttenmaer, Associate Vice President of Digital, Technology and Innovation at AMITA Health. In this interview Eric shared why it is important for technical professionals to build their executive presence.

Originally posted at www.GreatTechPros.com.

Excerpt from the Interview:

Wylie Blanchard: What tips do you have for individuals who are new in their career, transitioning in their career or just interested in building their executive presence?  What tips do you have on how they can build their personal branding and their executive presence?

Eric Schmuttenmaer: The first one that comes to me is listening… It is a combination of listening and learning. So if you’re coming new into something,.. find the people that are in the area that you want to be in or that you want to improve upon and get notes on them. Find out where they have succeeded and replicate those in your world or, work to replicate those in the world and find out, more importantly, where they failed and why they failed… Learn where those common pitfalls are for where you want to be from individuals who are already there and then avoid those as much as you can. It’s not gonna be a hundred percent but do your best to do that. It takes a level of listening and slowly learning. You’re not going to boil the ocean but take those little key moments, those little tiny moments, of takeaways from other people’s lives.

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