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Website Considerations that Impact Business Communication

Website Considerations that Impact Business Communication - Wylie Blanchard
In this article, we’ll explore three things that businesses should consider when assessing how it communicates through its website. Consider what a website visitor needs from your website prior to other considerations.  It is important to know what users expect to encounter when they use a website. For instance, business communications like marketing messages and informati...

PCP Member Eligibility Secure Email

Automated, Hippa Compliant, system to email member eligibility lists to Primary Care Physicians. Trizetto's QNXT™ Enterprise Core Administration System & ASM's MD-Staff - Credentialing. Created an automated, HIPAA compliant, process to securely batch and distribute member eligibility lists to PMG/non-Presence PCP's on a monthly basis via individual PCP email addresses.Utilizing SQL, SS...

SpiceWorks Deployment: @SpiceWorks

Deployed SpiceWorks on Non Profit business server for network monitoring and help desk ticket management. Working with a new client with 150 employees and limited IT resources. Current IT team consists of just one engineer (knowledgeable engineer but overwhelmed with requests and fixes). Leadership asked if there was something that we can do about improving the management of help desk requests. R...

Gmail User’s Privacy – No one should be surprised by this: @Google+

Search engine firms are really just ad companies and they've always read our emails to determine which ads will get us to click more ads. It's simple data mining. Acting like it's an invasion of privacy is foolish. If Google didn't read our mail then they'd have no way to effectively do their job as an ad company. Thus they wouldn't invest money in the tech that we desire and use. To be h...

Samsung GS4 – #Google knows how to surprise you: @Facebook

My new Samsung Galaxy S4 (Google Play Edition) was waiting at the door when I came home. The interesting thing is that I received an email from the #PlayStore this morning indicating that it didn't leave the warehouse for delivery until today. It felt like a great birthday surprise... just 4 months early. Well done Google... Well done. #GS4 #GooglePlay #Samsung #Galaxy www.facebook.com