Gmail User’s Privacy – No one should be surprised by this: @Google+

Search engine firms are really just ad companies and they’ve always read our emails to determine which ads will get us to click more ads.

It’s simple data mining.

Acting like it’s an invasion of privacy is foolish. If Google didn’t read our mail then they’d have no way to effectively do their job as an ad company. Thus they wouldn’t invest money in the tech that we desire and use.

To be honest Google’s losing money for not maximizing their data mining efforts.

I’m still shocked that #GoogleVoice has no audio ads telling you to, “press 1 before you call mom to buy that toaster she told you she needed during your last #VOIPcall”.

That’s #DataMining engagement to the next level.

My guess is that prior to ads being placed in G-Voice, we’ll see commercials before a Google #Hangout starts.

CMIT Solutions of Monroe originally shared:
#Gmail‘s “Users can’t expect #privacy” furor: Much ado about nothing new | PCWorld