SpiceWorks Deployment: @SpiceWorks

Deployed SpiceWorks on Non Profit business server for network monitoring and help desk ticket management.

Working with a new client with 150 employees and limited IT resources. Current IT team consists of just one engineer (knowledgeable engineer but overwhelmed with requests and fixes). Leadership asked if there was something that we can do about improving the management of help desk requests.

Reason: Besides calling and/or emailing the engineer on staff there was no system in place to track help desk requests and IT tasks. Leadership was getting reports that requests were getting forgotten or not attended to at all. Leadership also wanted a way to pull reports detailing the amount of requests managed and time spent working on tickets and ticket completion time.

Of course they wanted this system to be low cost (or no cost).

The engineer and I decided to install SpiceWorks.

After the initial install, I used domain control and IIS to create a unique url subdomain that was masked over the spice works install url and was in compliance with the company’s intranet url domain structure. Created and linked a new email account for email requests and setup a web form for online help desk requests. Later I integrated spice works into SharePoint. After two weeks of testing different scenarios and updating the process we deployed the system to employees.

Overall, I was highly impressed at how far SpiceWorks had come. It is a powerful tool for network monitoring tool and help desk management tool.

In many ways it’s a lot better than most corporate systems that I’ve worked with.

Duration: 1 Month
Users: 100-249
Devices: 100-249

COMPLETION DATE: November 19th, 2014

CATEGORIES: Windows, Databases, Software