ITIL® Leader: Digital and IT Strategy was issued by AXELOS to Wylie Blanchard

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ITIL® LEADER Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) was issued by AXELOS to Wylie Blanchard on January 28, 2024.

ITIL 4® Leader Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) demonstrates the individual has the practical understanding and application of crafting a digital vision and strategy, shaping and integrating IT and business strategies aligned with the wider organizational goals to enable success of the business. They develop cross-functional digital strategy, elevate discussions to strategic levels, drive operational excellence, analyze and respond effectively to VUCA factors.

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Adaptability, Agile Ways Of Working, Business Case Development, Business Change Management, Business Plan Development, Collaboration And Teamwork, Communication, Creation and Implementation of Target Operating Models, Creativity, Customer Service Management, Data Management, DevOps Methodology Knowledge, Digital Design (including UX and UI), Digital Technology Architecture, Driving Company Culture Change, Education and Training Provision, Emerging Technology Monitoring, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, Financial Management, Information Analysis, Information Security Management, Information Security Strategy Development, Information Systems Governance, Innovation, Knowledge Management, Leadership Development, Negotiation, Planning And Organisation, Problem Solving, Product Development, Product Management, Project – Programme and Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Robotics and Automation Engineering, Service Delivery and Management, Software Development And Management, Stakeholder Management, Strategic Planning, Supplier Management, Sustainable Management, Systems Development and Management, Systems Engineering, UX Design, Experience and Support.

Earning Criteria:

  • Obtained the ITIL 4 Foundation certification designation prior to studying for ITIL LEADER Digital and IT Strategy.
  • Meet the managerial experience requirement.
  • Complete required training.
  • Complete and receive a passing score on four case study assignments.
  • Passed the ITIL 4 ® LEADER Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) exam.


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