Destroying the Glass Ceiling: Lotus Buckner panel discussion

I recently participated in Lotus Bucker’s #RealPeople #RealTalk – Virtual Roundtable on Destroying the Glass Ceiling.

In this discussion, we explored the challenges that prevent people from obtaining the career success that they’re working toward, the obstacles that are in place that lock people out of the sales cycle when working to close deals with their high-profile clients and what people and organizations can do to shatter through the glass ceiling so that they can find the career success that they are working toward.

Here’s the discussion.

Here’s the pre-event message that I created leading up to the event.

Useful Links:

  • You can find more events from Lotus Bucker on her websiteTwitter and Linkedin.
  • During the talk, I advised that people should read Shattering the Glass Ceiling: How to Break Through Without Breaking Down by Gia Suggs and Hayward Suggs.