Chicago .NET Users Group – Microsoft Corporation 2016

Chicago .NET Users Group (CNUG) - Technology Enhancements for SQL Server 2014/2016 Developers
Jonathan H: Wylie gave an excellent presentation. Very interesting to see that Microsoft seems to be supporting JSON equally (or almost equally?) with XML in SQL Server 2016.


Speaker(s)Wylie Blanchard

Duration: 75 minutes

Your team is planning to upgrade from an early version of SQL Server environment. Learn what’s new and which features and enhancements are really important to the work life of a SQL Server Developer. In this presentation, we’ll explore SQL Server 2014/2016 new possibilities; showing you how to use new T-SQL features and enhancements that are only available in SQL Server 2014/2016.

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cnug_chicago-net-users-group_great-tech-pros1The Chicago .NET Users Group covers the entire spectrum of .NET technologies, including the Microsoft Servers, Web Services, application development with Visual Studio and the .NET Framework (including web, mobile, and desktop technologies). This event was held on Dec 15, 2016, at Microsoft Corporation, 3025 Highland Pkwy Ste 300, Downers Grove, IL 60515