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Business, Technology & the pursuit of Gadgets”

Wylie Blanchard 2020: Business Technology Speaker & Consultant

Wylie Blanchard is a business technology speaker, IT consultant, website strategist, gadget enthusiast, database professional, and a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur.

His mission in life is to better the lives of working professionals by educating them on how to use technology as a tool to amplify their expertise and business lives.

As an Information Technology Leader, he has 15+ years of management and software analysis experience, holds several certifications in SQL and Oracle systems and has developed a reputation for explaining technical concepts in ways, which non-technical audiences can make informed and timely decisions.

Today, more than ever before, independent business owners and organizational leaders need to understand the advantages of integrating technology into their business. No longer can they rely on one person or one department to maintain the infrastructure and leaders simply react to the competitive demands around them. Leaders need to have an understanding of the technology currently available to them, what it can do for them now and in the long-term and how they can maximize the full potential of their current tools. Being passionate about this subject, Wylie actively researches the business impact of current trends in the information technology industry and actively shares, through various forms of media, how professionals can utilize technology to improve their business lives. As a professional Business Technology Speaker, Wylie will share this knowledge with you.

In person, Wylie is a powerhouse of ideas, and more importantly, ACTION. He’s just what you need to accelerate your team’s technology projects and propel your organization to all new levels! Sound like what YOUR organization needs?

Business Technology Speaker

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Technology are Wylie’s most sought after topics.

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