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Use Video as a Tool to Enhance Speaking Skill and Create Web Content #TSQLTuesday

You're a new technical speaker and you're looking for new ways to grow platform skills and possibly create more content for your website/blog. Here's how you can do both at the same time. Video record your live presentations. Why? Two reasons. Video recording your presentation offers three ways to get constructive feedback ↓ Video recording your presentation offers three forms of conten...

Become a Tech Pro who’s in High Demand: @GreatTechPros

Web Strategy
Title: “Get a World Class Web Presence that Wows” Summary: Become a Tech Pro who’s in High Demand. Learn how to use the internet, social media and websites to market your technical expertise so that world knows that you’re a World Class Technology Leader. Abstract: It seems that almost anyone these days can build a website. However, it’s not just about building and publishing a website. It’s...

Thoughts on Technology from Martin Luther King: @Google+

In his 1964 Nobel Lecture at Oslo, Norway, Martin Luther King Jr reminded us to not let our "moral progress" fall behind our progress in science and technology. He said: "Yet, in spite of these spectacular strides in science and technology, and still unlimited ones to come, something basic is missing. There is a sort of poverty of the spirit which stands in glaring contrast to our scientific...

Interview with Dan Rey – Solution Architect of Microsoft: @GreatTechPros

VIDEO Interview-with-Dan-Rey-Solution-Architect-of-Microsoft-Great-Tech-Pros
Dan Rey, Solution Architect of Microsoft, sat down with us to share what he has learned over his career as a technology professional. Originally posted at www.greattechpros.com. Excerpt from the Interview: Wylie Blanchard: What have you seen in your twenty plus years or what interesting has changed in the 20 plus years that you’ve been an I T professional? ...

Jewelbots – Friendship Bracelets That Teach Girls To Code: @Facebook

Programable light-up bracelets that encouraging girls to think about STEM (‪#‎Science‬, ‪#‎Technology‬, ‪#‎Engineering‬ and ‪#‎Math‬). This has to be one of the best ‪#‎kickstarter‬ projects that I've seen all year. I hope to see this project hit the main stream market and, more importantly, I hope that it can encourage girls/women to consider ‪#‎STEM‬ careers. http://buff.ly/1RBA3UM &nbs...

Looking for an expert speaker: @GreatTechPros

Wylie Blanchard - Great Tech Pros - Professional Speaking and Seminars
This content was originally posted on GreatTechPros.com.  - Our team of Technology Professionals will come to your organization to present a program on topics such as: Social Media Mobile Devices & Apps Website Analytics Cloud Computing Your Online Web Presence Effective Web Meetings SEO - Search Engine Optimization Making Money Online Leveraging Web Technolo...

Tampa FL mobile app in IOS & Android: @Google+

Tampa Florida
Citizens of Tampa can download the new app via iTunes and Google Play. The app allows residents to report public issues like pot holes and street light outages. In addition it keeps citizens up to date on Tampa specific news. Video: City of Tampa's Free Mobile App Article: http://www.tampagov.net/appl_tampa_announcements/ViewRelease.asp?ReleaseID=10851 www.google.com