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Analyze & Visualize SQL Server Data w/ Power Pivot & Power View in Excel

Last updated 05-13-2017 In this tutorial we'll use Microsoft Excel to retrieve data from our SQL Server database. We'll then model, analyze and visualize the data using Excel's Power Pivot and Power View features. Activate the Power Pivot & Power View add-ins          Open MS Excel 2013\2016          Go to File > Options > Add-Ins          In the Manage box, click COM Add-in...

Interview with Edwin Ukpaby – Healthcare IT Professional: @Youtube

Edwin Ukpaby, Healthcare I T Professional and CEO of Medix Systems Consultants, met with us to discuss how technology in the healthcare industry has evolved with healthcare business processes. Originally posted at www.greattechpros.com. Excerpt from the Interview: Wylie Blanchard: I T is at a point where we have to be more than “you tell me the problem and I’ll fix it”...

Automated Data Migration: @SpiceWorks

Healthcare Consortium of Illinois - Created and implemented several Extract Transform Load processes for various program projects. Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) ETL Automation: Created a scheduled automated ETL (Extract Transform Load) process to extract data from SQL Server 2012, transform the data into external clients specified format to an exported file and load file to external ...