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Edwin Ukpaby, Healthcare I T Professional and CEO of Medix Systems Consultants, met with us to discuss how technology in the healthcare industry has evolved with healthcare business processes.

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Excerpt from the Interview:

Wylie Blanchard: I T is at a point where we have to be more than “you tell me the problem and I’ll fix it”and we have to look End to End, all the way through to the end of the solution. Is this what you see or an expert, or could an expert just be “you tell me the problem and I’ll fix it” or is an expert more than that?

Edwin Ukpaby: …Years ago technology was something that only the large companies had… As we got into the mini computer era of the medium sized company, and then we went into the micro computer era, more of the progressive professionals was getting involved in it. So there was a time when you were exclusively in that high end club. You’re always going to need it because when you’re in that high end club you need a multitude of skill sets to bring to the table. The reality is when you go to the smaller ones they don’t have the resources to support multiple teams so they need smaller teams with broader skill sets to be able to deliver solutions. We need to package the solutions in a way where, when it is deployed, the deployment process is less complex. So people that think process combined with technology and combined with the unique traits and requirements of the specific industry, in this case, healthcare are going to be the most effective. So that is typically what I would look for. It doesn’t necessarily mean that each individual candidate has to have all of those skill sets but I would want that aptitude and that mind set because it’s not always easy to teach that unless you have someone who is really passionate about adopting that approach and recognizes the importance… Really, the good news is that there’s room to accommodate the traditional way that we’ve done I T and this new paradigm shift. It just happens that this new shift is the new area of opportunity in I T.

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