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  • Managing OLAP Databases for DBA’s: @Google+

    Managing OLAP Databases for DBA’s: @Google+

    With the growing demand for Business Intelligence solutions it’s important that DBA learn how to manage these (not so new) analytical engines to ensure that data is efficient and secure. In this session, we’ll review Microsoft’s SQL Server Analysis Servies Multidimensional (OLAP) engine. We’ll review OLAP cube design, security, access permissions and other SSAS functionalty important…

  • SpiceWorks Deployment: @SpiceWorks

    SpiceWorks Deployment: @SpiceWorks

    Deployed SpiceWorks on Non Profit business server for network monitoring and help desk ticket management. Working with a new client with 150 employees and limited IT resources. Current IT team consists of just one engineer (knowledgeable engineer but overwhelmed with requests and fixes). Leadership asked if there was something that we can do about improving…