Minsky’s Pizza (Kansas City, MO ) 2016 review

Minsky’s Pizza
5105 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112


Visited in September 2016


Highly recommend the 5-Star cheese pizza.

First time here with a large group of IT friends. I can’t really comment on overall service and ambience, since our group was so large but I’d come here again. I can say that our server “Gabby” was nice and took the time to talk to me about pizza ingredients even though she was serving 30 people.

I tried 3 pizza’s – here’s my take on them.

5 star cheese pizza: light Alfredo sauce slight creamy, very cheesy. I loved this pizza, the cheese was slightly sharp and exploded with flavor, plus the sauce created a creamy texture that worked well with the cheese. Combine the above with a great crust and I’ll be back to eat this again.

Cheese pizza: Light red sauce barely noticeable. Disappointing cheese. I can’t recommend this one because the cheese was overcooked and slightly burned.

Supreme pizza: Olives sliced, sausage tiny, bell pepper chopped. Light red sauce barely noticeable. Cheese had a good texture. I’m not sure about this one. I felt like it was grocery store prepackaged quality ingredients. I would have liked to have added more sauce on the pizza.

Crust – All pizzas: Soft medium thickness crust, moist bread. because of this the bread end can be used for dipping as a bread stick which is my personal preference for pizza bread end. Highly recommend the crust for all the pizzas that I tried.