Speaking Events & Training Reviews

Timely & Entertaining

Your presentation was not only timely but very entertaining.

Carol Henry
Hispano-Americano Toastmasters Club

You know so much about your field

You know so much about your field. Your voice is very easy to listen to.

Bonnie A
Windy City Professional Speakers

Well Spoken & Entertaining

Well spoken, entertaining, found common ground with the audience.

Gregory M

Very Expressive, Excellent “Role-Play”

Very Expressive. A relative story/situation (for guys at least). Logical progression of story and point to story… how to avoid the doghouse. Interesting/surprising intro of cerebral hypoxia. Excellent “Role-Play”.

Nobel C

Encouraging Speech

Good body language. Encouraging speech.

Mike K

You excel in this area

This is a great story. I like the connection between the doghouse and your situation. You excel in this area.

Windy City Professional Speakers

Soothing Voice and Can Pull Your Audience in

You have a very soothing voice and can pull your audience in.

Nancy D
Windy City Professional Speakers

Voice & Stage Presence

Great topic… Very intriguing for small/med businesses.

Jeanine I
Windy City Professional Speakers

Voice Never Faulters

Your presence on stage and your voice never faulters.

Debbie V
Windy City Professional Speakers

Phenomenal Storyteller

Phenomenal storyteller, I was captivated the entire time.

Megan F
ConAgra Foods

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