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iPhone Controlled Insects – My Financial priorities are very clear: @Google+

My Financial priorities are very clear. My daughter needs braces, my girlfriend wants to get married, my other daughter reminds me weekly that I promised to take her to Greece and I'm getting an iPhone Controlled Bug so that I can drive them crazy once every 6 months after looking at my bank account. iPhone Controlled Insects - A gift every man can use. Article: http://woowpix.com/2013/08/21...

Socii App – Get free goods when you post about Branded Items: @Google+

Though only in its beta version, I believe that this app could very well change the current structure of social media. Companies have received free advertising for too long without a system to reward the regular people who are advertising their products through social media posts.#Socii changes all of that. www.google.com

Samsung GS4 – #Google knows how to surprise you: @Facebook

My new Samsung Galaxy S4 (Google Play Edition) was waiting at the door when I came home. The interesting thing is that I received an email from the #PlayStore this morning indicating that it didn't leave the warehouse for delivery until today. It felt like a great birthday surprise... just 4 months early. Well done Google... Well done. #GS4 #GooglePlay #Samsung #Galaxy www.facebook.com