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Microsoft Excel Training at Westwood College: @HCIOnline

RiverOaks, IL - MS Excel course - Wylie Blanchard - Westwood College
Mr. Salim Al-Nurridin (CEO) believes in his employees being trained.  The MS Excel Training that took place on November 18th & 20th was presented by Great Tech Pros & hosted by Westwood College.  Our very own Wylie Blanchard was the instructor of the class. Testimonial: Ursula Bowdry Area 8 Supervisor “I had the opportunity to participate in the Microsoft Excel Training given in No...

Managing OLAP Databases for DBA’s: @Google+

With the growing demand for Business Intelligence solutions it's important that DBA learn how to manage these (not so new) analytical engines to ensure that data is efficient and secure. In this session, we'll review Microsoft's SQL Server Analysis Servies Multidimensional (OLAP) engine. We'll review OLAP cube design, security, access permissions and other SSAS functionalty important to a da...