Customer Bill Tracking tool: @SpiceWorks

Created bill tracking tool for client incorporating MS Access, SQL Server and Visual Studio – SQL scripting, VB.Net

Customer had a ms access tool for tracking bills that was being used by 25 different employees. Complaint was that the tool would often freeze when one or more individuals was using it or when processing the data. After reviewing the customer’s system I determined that there were several component contributing to the issues. The MS Access tool was saved to a network drive however the original developer didn’t split the database. Each users machine was processing the data with its individual ram which on several machines was very limited to non-existent. In addition there was several networking issues that needed to be solved.

I decided to recreate the tracking system as a Front End VB.Net data entry web form with sql server maintaining the data.

The new application solved the processing power issue. I expected that their would still be some lag in performance due to their networking limitations however we didn’t find any lags of any kind.

Simple tool that helped improve the customer’s day-to-day processes.

Originally posted on spiceworks.