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How to use your Website to Amplify your Expertise & Business

Getting them to “Click Here“: Making Websites that Work

You have a unique and wonderful business and now you need a website that helps you meet your business goals. In this program we’re not talking about website design, we’re discussing how you can transform your website into a tool to attract customers, converts web activity into business activity and define what’s fact and what’s hype about SEO.

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  • Learn when you should and when should not have a blog.
  • Implement processes to convert your web activity into mobile web activity.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): What is fact and what is fiction.
  • Find out how to measure the effectiveness of your business website.

What Clients are saying…

Smart Demonstration Format w/ Plenty of Audience Participation
Wylie’s been the presenter at two recent evening meetups I attended – the first, a Chicago .NET User Group event regarding SQL Server 2016 technology enhancements for developers, and the second, an overview of tabular models in SQL 2016 presented by the Chicago Suburban SQL Server User Group. Wylie’s balance of ~25% lecture to ~75% demonstration is a smart format for an evening meetup. At both of these events, he led with a concise overview of topics he’d address, followed by a well paced demo of each feature, fluidly transitioning from one point to the next. He handles the room well, fielding questions along the way, eliciting plenty of audience participation. I’ve enjoyed Wylie’s events, and look forward to the next.
Max Szczurek
Prescient Solutions